Rules / Bats Print

ORCRSL Rules 2019.pdf


1) Female batters now have the choice of hitting an 11" or 12" ball.

2) 150' distance marker has now been removed for female batters.

3) One IPD per sex per team can be declared at any time during the game.

4) Reminder - ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL or SMOKING of MARIJUANA - Any team found with either at or near the playing field will automatically forfeit the game, will be subject to a $150 fine and may be suspended from the league. This also includes the parking lot at Leno Park. NO warnings. NO exceptions.


ASA - Bats which bear the ASA 2000/2004/2013 logo are allowed in league play except for those on the non-approved bat list.This will be the last year that these logos will be allowed.


USSSA - Bats which bear the BPF 1.20 thumbprint are acceptable for play in the league. 

NSA - Bats which bear the NSA Canada logo are acceptable for play in the league.