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Jason Waud
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Last Updated: Thu May 16, 2013


I believe this was covered at the Captain's meeting, however, you were not able to attend. I just want to clarify the rule regarding when a runner is safe or out when there is a play at home.

My understanding was that the runner's foot had to be DOWN across the home plate line to be safe and that if the play was made while his foot was across the line, but still in the air, that runner was out.

We had an incident like this in out game on Sunday, were the runner was past the line but airborne (confirmed by the umpire) and out catcher had the ball, however the runner was called safe. The umpire on hand advised that the runner's foot did not have to be down to be ruled safe.

I was just hoping that we could get a clarification of the rule and have all the umpires be aware of this (especially if its a change). It did not factor in this particular game, but could in the futture.

Thanks in advance.

Marshall Lee
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The Swingers
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Posted: Thu May 16, 2013


For clarification, a runner must be touching the ground on or beyond the safe line. It doesn't have to be the foot. It could be a hand.

Thus, this player being airborne does not constitute crossing the safe line until a part of body touches the ground.


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